Best vibrating eggs: Comparison and reviews 2023

Among the diverse range of vibrators available on the market, the vibrating egg stands out as a desirable option for individuals seeking solitary pleasure at their convenience or couples wishing to add excitement to their intimate moments. With a huge selection of options to choose from, including remote-controlled, traditional, and tethered versions, the Vibrating Egg is a popular choice for those looking for versatility in their sexual experiences.

There’s a vibrating egg that’s perfect for every taste and pocketbook , whether for solo explorations or adventures as a couple. To spice up your intimate experiences, I’ve embarked on a mission to help you find the best vibrating eggs available. My personal testing has led me to compile a list of recommendations for you, along with some helpful tips on how to get the most out of it for maximum enjoyment!

My 3 favorite vibrating eggs

Online retailers carry a wide selection of high quality egg vibrators, with new options always being added . If you are looking for the best vibrating eggs, I have compiled a list for you to browse. For a closer look, please scroll down for more information!

潃 Svakom luna & Selene vibrating egg The We-Vibe Jive vibrating egg The Svakom Elva vibrating egg

TOP of the best vibrating eggs of the moment

Being a big fan of vibrating eggs, I took the opportunity to try several different types. After careful consideration and evaluation, I have chosen the most practical and efficient eggs that fit into all budgets!

Comparative table:

Model Svakom luna & Selene We-Vibe Jive Svakom Elva
Matter Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Silicone Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
vibration patterns 6 10 26
Color Khaki, Parma, blue Purple
Remote control range 10m Bluetooth / 10m 10m
Geisha ball
Our opinion The Svakom luna & Selene vibrating egg model is economical yet reliable. It’s an attractive device that you can easily carry with you wherever you go. The We-Vibe Jive model impressed us with its good value for money, the integrated G-pint stimulator and its smartphone compatibility which is also part of the package. We are delighted to present to you this high-end vibrating egg which has been one of our favorites of the year. It offers 26 vibration modes and for unparalleled experiences.

Svakom Elva vibrating egg

If you are looking for a way to spice up your privacy and add exciting new experiences, the Svakom Elva wireless egg is the right choice! Buying vibrating eggs can be a great way to add excitement and spice to your romantic life. It can also take you on adventurous outings you might never have imagined before.

This product is extremely user-friendly thanks to its accompanying remote control, which makes it easy to use. This vibrating egg is packed with wonderful features, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a premium experience.

This egg is adorned with a beautiful, sophisticated and very feminine purple color, full of life and liveliness. Despite its small size, this device packs a punch and lets you experience thrilling new sensations. With its wireless design, you can be sure there won’t be any battery life issues; this makes it one of the top 3 models available on the market today.

This vibrator has 26 different vibration modes to provide an even more pleasurable experience. This product is waterproof, allowing you to enjoy it even in the bath or shower. In addition, it produces minimal noise and vibration – It is safe to use in public places while providing remarkable stimulation.

My opinion

This fabulous egg is a great way to spice up your sex life! Go ahead and treat yourself to this unique treat!

Show your love for your partner by giving them this thoughtful gift as a token of appreciation! Stash it in your bag so you can take it with you on the go. Keep it close at hand whether you’re at home, at work or on the go.

This device is very versatile, as it has a low noise level which makes it suitable for use in different environments. The flexibility of this device makes it easily portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go or keep it nearby at all times, such as next to your bed or in the bathroom. Its convenience adds to its usefulness.

We-Vibe Jive vibrating egg

The We-Vibe Jive vibrating egg is an innovative sex toy that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth and a dedicated smartphone app. This provides users with the added convenience of being able to control the product remotely.

You can use your smartphone to control a variety of devices with remote function. This makes controlling different aspects of your gadgets much easier and more convenient.

Using vibration control is simple and straightforward – just tap the screen to activate it. In addition, you have the possibility to adjust the strength of the vibrations to your liking or to put them in rhythm with the music of your phone.

Apart from being a vibrating egg, it also comes with a G-spot stimulator for even more sexual pleasure.

Many of you will benefit from it.

This device includes a rechargeable battery that can be quickly recharged in 40 minutes using a USB cable. A full charge provides approximately two hours of continuous use.

This silicone sex toy is an ideal option for those who appreciate its soft touch. Compared to other materials, the texture of it is much softer and smoother, contributing to a pleasant tactile experience.

This device is water resistant, which means it can be used in wet conditions without fear of damage. Perfect when you need to use it in the bath or shower.

My opinion

I love the We-Vibe Jive Vibrating Egg. The level of intensity and texture is remarkable!

What makes this product appealing to me is its fluffy texture, G-spot stimulation features, and the ability to connect with my phone.

The sound of this device is quiet, so you and your loved one can take it outside to enjoy a good time. Don’t miss the great memories you can create with this, because it’s an experience worth having.

Svakom Luna & Selene Vibrating Egg

After seeing a lot of positive reviews about this vibrating egg, I was curious to do more research on its performance so I could draw my own conclusion.

It is essential to keep in mind that this item is made with ABS material, which makes it a fantastic choice due to its strength and resilience.

The vibrating egg is equipped with a wireless remote control operating within a range of 10 meters. This sex toy can be used alone or even with a partner. Both options have their own advantages.

The versatility of the top allows it to be used in a variety of locations, including outdoors, restaurants, and subways. Your partner can enable the feature without giving you any notice or warning.

For those looking for a vibrating egg, this one is ideal. However, it should only be used in private places as it can be noisy and disturb others in public areas. Keeping the volume down outdoors is essential as this sex toy is already a bit loud.

My opinion

This vibrating egg offers up to 6 different vibration modes, giving you a complete experience in one place.

After frequent use, I can confidently recommend this product to everyone due to its outstanding quality and performance.

This egg is suitable for one person or several people and can be used without restriction!

Goliate Dalia 3 in 1 vibrating egg

This egg model is complete and stands out from other models in its product category.

This vibrating 3-in-1 set offers three times the pleasure! It includes an egg, Geisha balls and a vibrating remote control , all in an attractive and discreet package.

The lack of vibration is nothing to worry about, so there’s no need to be displeased. Goliate is a French company that deserves to be highlighted or clearly mentioned.

The material used to make this vibrating egg and its associated elements is silicone, which makes it incredibly soft to the touch, which I really appreciate.

The product comes with a complete and easy-to-follow guide that helps you answer all your questions.
The vibrating egg comes with 7 distinct vibration settings to choose from.

To make it even more fun, an LED can be included with the device to change color depending on the intensity of the vibrations.
This remote control has a unique feature: it can be used as a massage roller. This is an unexpected and appreciated bonus!


This egg is equipped with a battery and can last up to two hours of operation. Its bright colors make it stand out in any environment.
You can either use a standard adapter to plug it into a power outlet or charge it with a USB cable.

I was pleasantly surprised by its efficiency and the fact that it works very quietly. This is particularly advantageous if you want to use the device without disturbing others.

Using this product is simple and results in an excellent quality experience. The vibrations are soothing which leads to an increased dependence on the product from the first use. This is the experience I had!

The vibrating egg and ball of Geisha Acvioo

This vibrating egg is a huge success, being one of the most popular items in its range. I can vouch for its accomplishment, for it is entirely justified.

The price of this egg is justified considering its quality and the satisfaction customers get after having it. It has a silicone construction which makes it smooth and comfortable to the touch.

This device comes with a handy wireless remote control , which makes it easier and more convenient to use if you share it with your partner.

With his ability, he is able to generate vibrations at his own discretion and at any desired location.

This vibrating egg and love ball set has a range of approximately 7/8 meters and has 10 different vibration settings for maximum satisfaction.


I love this shiny egg. It is designed in such a way that it is pleasant to use and provides great sensations.

The remote control has a range of 10 meters and has waterproof technology so you can use it even in the bathroom. It charges using a USB cable.

Personally, I suggest using it while taking a bath! After being fully charged, this device can be used continuously for two hours.

Although the noise level is quite high, it is not recommended to use this device in an outdoor environment.

However, it is perfect for the pleasures you want alone, to use during foreplay or simply to bring a little spice and new sensations during sexual intercourse.

I highly recommend this vibrating egg to my friends and colleagues looking for a unique and special sex toy. It has a vibrant feel that can provide new sensations and experiences.

Fidech’s vibrating egg

This vibrating egg is one of the low cost options available. Despite this, it is by no means shoddy or ineffective – far from it!

One of the reasons it is so favorite for me is its ease of use and affordability. Moreover, it brings me joy and has a waterproof design which are both very popular.

Plus, its low-profile design and remarkably quiet performance surpass many other models available.


This vibrating egg is of excellent quality and perfect for those who need a vibrating egg for vaginal and anal insertion. Customers will be delighted with their purchase.

My partner and I can enjoy a variety of thrilling experiences using the wireless remote, with twelve distinct vibration modes providing unparalleled sensations.

In addition, its elegant design is quite fashionable!

Why buy a vibrating egg?

Introducing the Vibrating Egg – the ultimate modern upgrade to the traditional vibrator. With increased efficiency and a plethora of customizable options, it’s perfect for playing solo or in pairs.

What sets it apart from other sextoys? Its unique ability to allow complete submission to your partner’s will, ensuring maximum pleasure. Plus, its portability means you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime, alone or with a partner.

Imagine having dinner at a restaurant or traveling on public transport, perhaps even sharing a meal with the family, when your partner surprises you with a playful and intense vibration.

The element of surprise is sure to elicit an excited and pleasant response from you, while keeping it low key and unnoticed by others.

Do you fly solo? No sweating. Use it from the comfort of your own four walls or take it outside. Why not change things up at work or at a conference? It’s perfect for a fresh perspective and thinking outside the box!

Vibrating eggs can be used in the vagina, anus, but also for erotic massage of erogenous and intimate zones. Some are sold at double or even triple the price for an extra touch.

The types of vibrating eggs available in the market:

Wired vibrating egg

If you only use your vibrating egg at home, the remote control version might be perfect for you. It’s easy to use from the comfort of your own home.

Wireless vibrating egg

Among all the models available, the vibrating egg with wireless remote control is the most popular.

This product offers the convenience of outdoor use, regardless of location.

The article in question is one of the favorite sextoys of couples, especially men.

For what? It’s simple. With the convenience and subtlety of a remote control, users can operate it from anywhere, allowing them to watch their partners having fun wherever they are.

Excitement is the center of attention, with this naughty little companion as a delicious sidekick!

How to choose the right vibrating egg?

To select a vibrating egg, follow these tips:

The vibrating egg is the accessory that all women crave when they want an innovative sex toy. The abundance of models available can complicate the decision-making process when buying a vibrating egg. Need to be guided? Consider the following criteria to select the best one for you :

Textures and finishes

A vibrating egg-shaped sex toy can be selected with an elegant silicone finish or decorated with studs, for additional stimulation. The decision between textures is entirely up to personal preference and varies for each individual.

Wired or wireless remote control

Which remote control to use depends on the intended application. If the device will only be used at home and by oneself, a wired remote control may suffice. However, if the device requires two or more users or will be used outdoors, a cordless model is a necessity.

The power and type of vibrations.

Each egg has a unique set of vibrations, and with the help of a dimmer you can choose the one that best suits you. Available vibration patterns to choose from include jerky, repeating, burst, and random, depending on which pattern you prefer.

Waterproofing and moisture resistance

Although some Vibrating Eggs are waterproof, the majority of them have a weak waterproof layer and will not fully withstand moisture. With a waterproof model, you can now enjoy your device in the bathtub or even in the shower! No need to worry about liquid damage.

The range of the remote control

When playing sexually with two people, it’s important to keep an eye on the range of your remote, especially if you want to use it in an outdoor environment. This device works best when used within 10 meters of your partner. Beyond this range, remote operation of the vibrating egg will not be possible.

Sound level generated by the egg

Outdoor use should be virtually silent as any noise created can cause significant annoyance to those around, especially in a movie set. You don’t want to be the one making noise!

Connected via smartphone

Smartphones now have apps that allow users to control your vibrating eggs. What is the purpose of this? Specifically, to change the type or strength of vibrations coming from your phone.

Charging method

Looking for a way to charge your device? You can choose between using a battery or a USB flash drive, whichever suits your needs best!

Use alone or with others

Some models of vibrating eggs come with two terminals, allowing you to double the pleasure. This type of sex toy is for those looking for both vaginal and anal pleasure.

How to use a vibrating egg?

To use a vibrating egg, you don’t have to worry because there is nothing complicated.
If you are single or in a relationship, here are some great tips to help you maximize your pleasure:

Before going out to spend time outdoors with your partner, make sure you have packed the eggs in your vagina. It is important to use a lubricant when using this product. Do not use excessive force and be sure to insert it carefully to ensure the best experience. By handing the remote to your partner, they can watch whatever they want at any time. It’s so simple!

If you want to use it independently, you can insert it in the same way into your vagina or anus. You can also use it to massage erogenous zones and intimate walls.

We strongly advise you to thoroughly clean your vibrating egg after each use for hygienic reasons.

In order to protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases during sex with multiple partners, be sure to use a condom each time you use the vibrating egg.

To ensure the best performance from your vibrating egg, be sure to remove the batteries when not in use.

To ensure a peaceful environment, avoid using noisy gadgets like the one you bought outside in public places. You will probably feel more embarrassed than anything else and find no joy in the situation.

With its simple and intuitive design, the vibrating egg can be used in various settings such as at home, outdoors or even with a partner. It offers an incredibly pleasurable way to explore new sensations and can be used alone or with your partner to spice up your sex life even further.

Comparative table

Model Remote Number of vibrations
Goliate Dalia 3 in 1
Wireless 7
BeHorny double egg
With wire 12
Svakom luna & Selene
Wireless 6
We-Vibe Jive
Wireless 10
Loveryoyo Roulo
With wire 12
Svakom Elva
Wireless 26
4OUR double egg
With wire 4
Lana 3 in 1
Wireless 7

If you want to know more about the different types of models available and how to choose the vibrating egg model that best suits you, do not hesitate to consult our guide which explains in detail how to choose the vibrating egg adapted to your needs. .

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