Remote Control Vibrating Egg: Comparison and Reviews

Remote-controlled vibrating eggs have become increasingly popular and have been selling like hotcakes in recent years and understandably so! This little remote control toy is a great way to add excitement and entertainment to an evening with your partner. This is the perfect opportunity to have fun together and strengthen your relationship over dinner. Vibrating eggs come in many forms, ranging from basic to advanced.

潃 Svakom luna & Selene remote controlled vibrating egg The We-Vibe Jive remote-controlled vibrating egg Svakom Elva Remote Control Vibrating Egg

Remote-controlled vibrating egg: the 3 best ones to choose from

After testing quite a few different vibrating egg models, here is a list of remote controlled vibrating egg models that I particularly liked. I’ve chosen three best-selling egg models to consider below.

To help you choose among all the models of vibrating eggs with remote control available, I have prepared a comparative table of the 3 products that I liked the most so that you can quickly see the main characteristics of each of these eggs and so choose the model that suits you best.

Comparative table

Model Svakom luna & Selene We-Vibe Jive Svakom Elva
Matter Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Silicone Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
vibration patterns 6 10 26
Color Khaki, Parma, blue Purple
Remote control range 10m Bluetooth / 10m 10m
Geisha ball

The remote-controlled vibrating egg: what is it exactly?

The remote-controlled vibrating egg is a small, oblong-shaped device that is designed to provide the user with stimulation of the vagina through its vibrations. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted according to need and desire via a remote control. The latest models come with a remote control or a phone app that allows you to control the vibration intensity and settings. This makes it easier to manage your device remotely. A perfect way to add spice and excitement to date nights or TV nights is with a discreet, remote-controlled, comfortable-to-wear vibrating egg. Giving your partner control of vibration settings can greatly improve intimacy between a couple and amplify pleasure.

Does it really work?

With the remote control vibrating egg, it is possible to share wonderful and memorable experiences with your partner. It is an ideal option for having fun together. An exciting part of public play is the control you have over your partner, while making sure no one else notices. It can be exciting and exhilarating for both parties. The vagina responds primarily to stimulation by friction or pressure. Despite the dynamism of the egg, it remains motionless in its place. The stimulation provided by this activity is often not enough to achieve a climax for most who engage in it. On the contrary, it can help elicit feelings of pleasure and desire! If you want to experience even more intense sensations, a remote-controlled egg is the perfect choice. These eggs provide strong and powerful vibrations for an amazing experience. They will thus radiate throughout your intimacy, and can be used to indirectly stimulate the entire clitoris.

The different types of remote-controlled vibrating eggs

Vibrating eggs are widely available in different shapes, sizes and functions. They are usually connected to a remote control, allowing users to customize their experience by adjusting vibration intensity and patterns. There are many models of remote-controlled vibrating eggs, so how do you find your way around?

Differences in form.

Remote-controlled vibrating eggs come in many shapes and sizes, but the most common are cylindrical and include a flexible pull cord. They are positioned approximately in the center of the vagina and apply moderate stimulation there. Buying a vibrating egg with remote control is a great way to explore the concept in an entertaining way. There are also other types, which are specifically designed for G-spot stimulation. The stimulation will be more intense with this type of vibrating egg with remote control.

Remote and Control Differences

Some vibrating eggs come with remote controls that allow users to change settings and intensity remotely. Vibrating eggs generally have an operating range of between 5 and 10 meters and can be configured to produce varying intensities and rhythms, depending on the mode desired. Connected vibrating eggs are connected to applications on your phone that allow you to control the sex toy from a certain distance via Bluetooth. Plus, you can adjust the intensity or create vibrational rhythms with just a flick of your finger.

The star of remote-controlled vibrating eggs

The Svakom Elva is the benchmark for remote-controlled vibrating eggs. It features a minimalist design and 26 vibration modes that set it apart from the rest. This beautifully designed connected vibrating egg has been widely accepted by many people and is a must-have item. It is not surprising that it is also one of the best-selling products and ranked number one in our comparison.

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